Sound and Animation
College Course 8

Winter, 03

David Ehrlich (Film and Television Studies)
 Larry Polansky (Music)

Links to software, manuals, other sites, etc.

sound and video links

(essential stuff)

how to transfer your assignments
to the dropbox

link to the pieces
from sound assignment 1
(one minute pieces)

Animation Assignment 1

Animation Assignment 2

Sound Assignment 2

Animation Assignment 3 folder1

Animation Assignment 3 folder2
you can watch/listen, download from here

Class FAQ
(lots of technical questions and answers as they come in)

computers and music webtext

download quicktime 6 Pro

essential for the class, costs $29.95. For Mac or Windows. Gives you an authorization number which enables your existing version of QuickTime 6.

quicktime 6 pro manual and tutorial
kyoko's handy tips for qt5 pro use

simple tips on using QuickTime 5 Pro, and FTPing on Windows (from Huifang)

short sounds for downloading

dropbox for assignments:

Soundhack manual
soundhack is available on public

Sound Software for Windows

computer music links from phil burk

great list of software and other stuff from phil burk at softsynth. especially useful is his list of Windows sound programs

flash download

animation links
(cool stuff, give us your tips, we'll put em all on)

new links for 2004

FLASH Character Animation Tutorial

 links from previous years (untested)

film studies 35 animation class

nice tutorial on using iMovie (thanks Peter!)


lycos animation site

animation world network

star wars, nothing but star wars, beautiful star wars,....

international animators association (ASIFA)

wonderful "alpabet" video/composition by Paul Lansky

some links to musician/artist/animator/programmer nick didkovsky
The Sad Hungarian
Face scrambler

dartmouth grad mike chokran's website

the hunt for red october sound effects