New in 2022-2023!

New Music courses:

  • MUS 5 | Jazz: Black Creative Music and American Culture (Bynum): Winter 2023
  • MUS 14.05 | Music and Artificial Intelligence (Casey): Winter 2023 - Course pending approval
  • MUS 16.04 | Transmissions: Histories and Theories of Broadcast Sound (Simon): Winter 2023
  • MUS 18.03 | Verzuz: A History of Black Popular Music (Martin): Fall 2022
  • MUS 105 | Sonic Arts Salon (Alvarez): Fall 2022

Courses that will not be offered in 2022-2023:

  • MUS 16.02 | Music and Media in Everyday Life
  • MUS 26 | Sonic Arts II: Sound Is Alive
  • MUS 27.01 | Emerging Musical Theater
  • MUS 36 | Songwriting I
  • MUS 37 | Songwriting II
  • MUS 42 | From Plato to Mozart: Early Classical Music
  • MUS 46/FILM 50.04/COLT 40.07 | Video Games and the Meaning of Life

Planning your schedule

The full list of music courses we offer is available on the Registrar's website. Please note that courses and times are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, consult the Timetable of Class Meetings.

As you build your course schedule, please note:

  • MUS 99 (Proseminar), required for the major and modified major in music, is only offered in the fall term.
  • The following courses are offered every fall, winter, and spring term: MUS 53-58 (Individual Instruction Program), MUS 50.1-50.4 (Performance Laboratories), and MUS 59.1-59.6 (Hopkins Center Ensemble Performance and Leadership).
  • MUS 50.1 (Performance Laboratory in Chamber Music) is offered every summer term, but IIP courses, other Performance Labs, and Hop Ensemble Performance and Leadership courses are not.