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MUS 5.02/AAAS 39.02 History of Jazz since 1959

MUS 34 Sound Art Practice

  • Course Description
  • Professor: Ashley Fure
  • Time: ARR
  • Location: online course

The past half-century has witnessed a "sonic turn" in the visual arts. From installation to sonic sculptures, performance-based and participatory practices, artists have increasingly explored sound as a cultural, political, and corporeal phenomenon. This course is a studio introduction to the development of sound art as a social, sculptural, and environmental medium. Exploring repertoire at the nexus of experimental music, sculpture, installation, architecture and relational art, students will develop conceptual tools and pratical skills that enable independent intermedial work. Collaborative projects across diverse skill sets will be encouraged, and those with backgrounds in music, architecture, art, engineering, science, CS, dance and theater are encouraged to apply.

Prereq: Mus 25 or Instructor's Consent.