Instruments and Equipment

Borrowing Instruments and Equipment

On campus, there are three sites where Dartmouth students can borrow musical instruments and audio equipment.

  • The Hopkins Center, rather than the Department of Music, oversees the lending of most musical instruments for Dartmouth students, including all orchestral, wind band, and jazz band instruments. To request an instrument from the collections of the Hopkins Center Ensembles, please see below. 
  • The Jones Media Center at the Dartmouth Library manages the audiovisual technology side of equipment loans at Dartmouth, with a focus on film, photography, spoken-word audio, and audio for film. To request AV equipment (free of charge to Dartmouth students), please see the equipment page on the Jones Media Center website. 
  • Through the Department of Music and our BritTrax Recording Studio, students can borrow music recording gear, musical instruments, and other special equipment not available through either the Hop or the Jones Media Center. To request equipment from the Department of Music and BritTrax, please see below.