Studies in Musical Performance

Through courses in the Studies in Musical Performance series (MUS 60-65), advanced Individual Instruction Program students can pursue deeper engagement with their instrument and repertoire with double-length lessons and the presentation of an hour-length solo recital.

Course Description

Studies in Musical Performance courses (MUS 60-65) consist of the intensive private study of a small number of selected works through their performance. Beyond technical mastery of the instrument, emphasis is placed upon the relation between performance problems (dynamics, phrasing, rubato) and multi-level analysis (harmonic, structural, stylistic). In addition to private instruction for one ninety-minute period each week, the student will be required to present a one-hour recital and to provide either written or oral program notes.


  • MUS 60 | Studies in Musical Performance: Keyboard
  • MUS 61 | Studies in Musical Performance: Woodwinds
  • MUS 62 | Studies in Musical Performance: Brass
  • MUS 63 | Studies in Musical Performance: Strings
  • MUS 64 | Studies in Musical Performance: Voice
  • MUS 65 | Studies in Musical Performance: Percussion


  • MUS 60: MUS 53.03 and permission of the instructor
  • MUS 61: MUS 54.03 and permission of the instructor
  • MUS 62: MUS 55.03 and permission of the instructor
  • MUS 63: MUS 56.03 and permission of the instructor
  • MUS 64: MUS 57.03 and permission of the instructor
  • MUS 65: MUS 58.03 and permission of the instructor