Current Graduate Students

Rodrigo Martinez Torres '24


Headshot of Rodrigo

Rodrigo Martínez is a composer and producer interested in the abstraction of Latin American music as a tool for new creations. With a strong interest in popular dance music, electronic music production and experimental music, Rodrigo's work explores both traditional ways of approaching music making, as well as exploring unknown aesthetic scenarios for Latinamerican music. His current explorations revolve around social music –that is, music which promotes collaboration, deep listening, and horizontality. Rodrigo has won the Arturo Marquez prize, and was recipient of the Jóvenes Creadores grant in Mexico City. He was awarded a MacDowell fellowship in 2019, and was also the winner of the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble Composition Competition in 2020.

Charles Peoples III '24


Charles Peoples Headshot

Charles Peoples III (He/They) is a performing artist, composer, lyricist, filmmaker, and choreographer. He uses sound, movement, and visual storytelling to create space that bends towards mysticism, spirituality, queerness, and transformation.

Charles has performed his music at multiple conferences, workshops, and theaters; significant mentions include the 9th International Sound Healing Conference, the New Living Expo, Oakland Pride Festival, San Jose Pride Festival, and the Lesher Center for the Arts. Other notable highlights include the artist residency with the East Bay Queer Healing Arts Center, the Chapel of Chimes Summer Solstice event, performing with BANDALOOP, and the 2021 collection of films and online concerts.

Charles' research interests include societal/individual misremembering and the therapeutic value of performance. He is also interested in different forms of ritual, storytelling, sound healing, and shamanism, with the goal of merging them with technology to create transformative, mystical, and immersive performances.

"We are love. We are one."

Mac Waters '24


Mac Waters- Graduate Music

Mac Waters (they/he) (b. 2000) is a sound artist—composer, performer, improviser, producer, radio broadcaster, listener—who works in a variety of interdisciplinary contexts. Some recent interests include embodied kinesthetics and social media, the anxiety of a digital generation coming-of-age, the theater of Western performance practices, humor & spontaneity, and premodern notions of gender and sexuality (particularly in medieval European art and poetics).

Waters has worked in a variety of mediums, some of which include composing chamber music for various contemporary ensembles, composing electroacoustic music for film and dance, performing as a vocalist and violist in various interdisciplinary and multimedia performances, and electronically producing remixes as well as original music and song. Their works have been performed by Fonema Consort (Chicago), Wet Ink (NYC), Conrad Tao (NYC), Mivos Quartet (NYC), Ostravska Banda (Ostrava, CZ), and Ars Futura (Cleveland).

As a recent graduate of Columbia University where they received a BA in Music with a concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Waters is pursuing an MA in Digital Musics at Dartmouth College.


Beccy Abraham '25


Headshot-Beccy Abraham

Rebecca Abraham (Beccy) is a researcher, engineer, and musician-composer. In 2020, they graduated from UC Berkeley, where they studied electrical engineering and computer science. While at UC Berkeley, they worked on the Magical Musical Mat, an interactive musical mat that amplifies physical touch between people through sound for communicative purposes. Now, they're pursuing graduate studies with the goal of creating more ways to share the joy of musical expression. Beccy's primary instrument is the marimba, and they have more than a decade of concert percussion experience. They've played trombone with Cal Band and acted as principal percussionist for the University Wind Ensemble. Beccy is an organizer for Rich Oak Events, a spoken word and literary arts organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In their free time, Beccy enjoys crafting, cooking, and visiting local coffee shops.

Ivy Fu '25


Headshot-Ivy Fu

Ivy Fu is a sound artist, curator, and a researcher of surveillance, eavesdropping and sensory spaces currently studying in the Digital Musics program at Dartmouth under Ash Fure and Cesar Alvarez. Using improvisational movements, generative visuals, anti-communicative technology, and homemade circuits, she creates organic sensory dwellings, sentient machines and self-regenerative ecospheres that provide fugitive spaces for identity in crisis, territories that are sonically transgressed, and complex historic and personal narratives that desire to be further examined. She recently completed her first installation as part of the artist duo the universal machine. Their project Ear Zero realized her original prototype of the Deleuzian body without organs, an inverted ear that only annihilates sounds in its listening act, through co-constructing a sentient, womb-like feedback machine. Her works have been featured in The Allen Memorial Museum of Art, Fireland Association of Art, The Shed, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, Hashtag gallery, International Contemporary Ensemble, the She Scores music festival, and Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt.

Albert Zhang '25


Headshot-Albert Zhang

Albert Zhang is a visual artist and engineer that composes music. He is currently studying J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Before coming to New Hampshire, he completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University, where he studied art and computer science. There, he spent his time inventing instruments that spanned the use of spatial acoustic phenomenon, muscle sensors, recycled tubes, and other materials.