Practice Rooms


Practice rooms are open to students 7 days a week, 7:00 AM-midnight, except on certain holidays when the Sudikoff Laboratory is closed.


The Department of Music, now located in the Sudikoff Laboratory, features 13 practice rooms which are available to all students (regardless of major) on a first-come, first-serve basis. The practice rooms, each of which includes a piano, music stand, and chair, can be found at the south ends of the ground floor and first floor of the building. All rooms are unlocked and available to all students, but students enrolled in IIP piano lessons (MUS 53) have priority access to the grand piano practice rooms. Keys to the grand piano fallboard locks are issued only to students enrolled in MUS 53.

Rooms (map)

  • Rooms 056-063: Upright piano practice rooms
  • Rooms 064 and 065: Grand piano practice rooms
  • Room 108: Practice room with Clavinova
  • Rooms 160 and 163: Grand piano practice rooms

What if all the practice rooms are in use?

If you find all the practice rooms occupied, head to the front office of the music department (Sudikoff 101-104) and speak to the Administrative Assistant or the Department Administrator (hours: M-F, 9 AM-4:30 PM). They may be able to find an open classroom, studio, or rehearsal room and reserve it for your practice session. 

If you are enrolled in IIP piano lessons (MUS 53) and all grand piano rooms are taken, you may ask a non-MUS 53 student in one of the grand piano rooms to vacate the space for you. 

Piano maintenance

Issues with practice room pianos should be reported immediately to Crystal Fielding, Piano and Keyboard Technician (

Percussion Practice

Student percussionists who are registered for IIP percussion lessons (MUS 58) receive a key to the Percussion Studio (Room 067), where they can practice the drum kit, marimba, timpani, and other instruments. This studio is not available to students who are not registered for MUS 58.