Individual Instruction Program (IIP)

Through courses in the Individual Instruction Program (MUS 53-58), student musicians receive weekly private lessons with some of the region's finest instructors. IIP courses are open by audition to all Dartmouth students, regardless of major.


Please consult the Registrar's Individual Instruction Program Guide for up-to-date information about how to register for IIP courses. The course number is determined by your instrument, and the section number is determined by your progress in the three-term course sequence, regardless of the current term (fall, winter, or spring). For example, if you are a trombone student on your second term of IIP lessons, you will register for MUS 55.02.

Course numbers

  • MUS 53: Keyboards (classical piano, jazz piano, organ)
  • MUS 54: Woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, classical saxophone, jazz saxophone)
  • MUS 55: Brass (horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba)
  • MUS 56: Strings (classical guitar, jazz and pop guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • MUS 57: Voice
  • MUS 58: Percussion

Section numbers

  • Section 1 (.01): Student's first term of IIP
  • Section 2 (.02): Student's second term of IIP
  • Section 3 (.03): Student's third term of IIP


Before registering for an Individual Instruction Program course, you must audition for the instructor. IIP auditions are held at the beginning of each term. To schedule an audition, please contact the relevant instructor from the list on our IIP Faculty by Instrument page.

To audition for IIP lessons in classical piano for Winter 2022, sign up here.


One course credit is offered for the combined three terms of instruction and will be granted only after successful completion of all three terms of study. The course is included as part of a student's official course load only in the last term and the grade is given upon completion. All courses in this sequence (Music 53-58) are offered only on a graded basis; under College regulations the policy must be announced prior to each initial term.  A student may repeat the course if satisfactory progress has been made, within the conditions stated following this description. Dist: ART.

No more than four course credits from the following courses may be counted by any student toward the Dartmouth degree: Music 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58.


Courses within the Individual Instruction Program (IIP: MUS 53-58) receive one course credit for three terms of work.

Prior to the initial term, prospective students contact and audition for the instructor and receive permission from the instructor to enroll for the course.

Students enroll for each term of the three-term IIP courses during the normal course registration periods. Credit and a letter grade for the courses will be given only upon successful completion of all three terms. Students are reminded to register for each term of the three-course IIP sequence.

At the end of the first and second terms of enrollment, students will receive the grade of “ON,” indicating that the student is in the process of completing three terms of IIP courses (the "ON" grades will remain on the transcript). At the end of the third term, the student will receive one course credit and a final grade from the instructor. The course will count in the course load the third term only. Students are reminded to manage their course loads, recognizing that the IIP course will count in the third term of enrollment. (See course load regulations for information about course load regulations.)

Students will receive a “W” on their transcript if they drop an IIP course following the normal course withdrawal regulations for each term.

Students may take courses within the Individual Instruction Program more than once. To initiate a new three-course sequence, they again receive instructor permission for the initial course.

No more than four course credits from the following courses may be counted by any student toward the Dartmouth degree: MUS 050, MUS 053, MUS 054, MUS 055, MUS 056, MUS 057, MUS 058.

Other Individual Instruction Options

Students not accepted into an IIP course may make private arrangements for study with teachers on the staff of Dartmouth College, at the discretion of the instructor, or they may study off-campus with teachers in the area. No academic credit will be given for off-campus study and the fee is the responsibility of the student.

For Music 60-65 (Studies in Musical Performance), please consult Organizations, Regulations, and Courses (ORC).