Vienna FSP


The Department of Music offers a foreign study program in Vienna, Austria, providing an opportunity for students to combine the study of music with an intensive exposure to musical performance. The program is open to vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers, as well as to students whose focus is on music history, theory, or ethnomusicology.

Courses offered include MUS 70: Perspectives in Music Performance (taught by the FSP director), which focuses on historical, analytical, and practical aspects of performance, and includes attendance at some thirty public performances;  MUS 74: The History of Music in Central Europe (taught by a team of local lecturers); and MUS 87: Special Studies in Music Abroad, consisting of individual lessons. Student musicians will also reap the benefits of a term in Vienna. The opportunity to attend concerts and rehearsals, meet performers and artists, and experience firsthand the vibrant musical traditions of Central Europe offers unique learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Selection will be based on a student's interest in music as demonstrated by past study and performance ability. Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Terms Offered

Spring 2026 (Faculty Director: TBD)