Richard Beaudoin

|Assistant Professor of Music

Richard Beaudoin comes to Dartmouth after having taught music theory and composition at Harvard University for eight years (2008-16), and having held positions as Valentine Visiting Professor of Music at Amherst College and Visiting Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

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Room 46, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Department of Music
HB 6187


  • Ph.D. Brandeis University
  • M.Mus. The Royal Academy Music, London
  • B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude

Selected Publications

  • Beaudoin, Richard, and Danick Trottier. 2013. "Conceiving Musical Photorealism." Perspectives of New Music 51 (1): 174-195.

  • Beaudoin, Richard, and Neil Hyde. 2013. "The Handless Watch: On Composing and Performing Flutter echoes." CeReNeM: Journal of the Centre for New Music Research 3: 7–20.

  • Beaudoin, Richard, and Andrew Kania. 2012. "A Musical Photograph?" Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 70.2012: 115-127.

  • Beaudoin, Richard. 2010. "You're There and You're Not There: Musical Borrowing and Cavell's 'Way'." Journal of Music Theory 54: 91-105.

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Selected Lectures & Presentations

SMT 2019 Columbus, Ohio — 10 November 2019 “Beethoven Overexposed: From Source to Sketch to Autograph in Michael Finnissy’s The History of Photography in Sound” [Session: From the Source] 

THE PARIS CONSERVATOIRE [Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de dance de Paris] — 21 & 22 March 2019 Two invited lectures to the Analyse musicale B course of Yves Balmer

SMT/AMS 2018 San Antonio, Texas — 4 November 2018 “Solti Recording Time in Mahler: Microtiming and Phrase Rhythm Annotations in Two Conducting Scores of the Fourth Symphony” [Session: Recorded Sound] 

UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver, British Columbia— 6 March 2018  “Microtiming as a Compositional Material” at the conference Microtiming and Musical Motion

SMT/AMS 2016 Vancouver, British Columbia — 5 November 2016 “Creaking Chairs and Metric Clarity: Microtiming Glenn Gould Recording Schoenberg Op. 19/1” [Session: Performing Meter]

THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS London, United Kingdom — 2 June 2016 "The tenor, the vehicle, the naked base" at the conference The Transformation of Rhetoric in the 21st Century

UNITED STATES CONSULATE The Shanghai American Center, Shanghai, China — 12 May 2015 "What Makes Music Beautiful?" Hosted by The U.S. Consulate General Shanghai Public Affairs Section

EAST CHINA NORMAL UNIVERSITY Shanghai, China — 8 May 2015 "自然VS人类 – Nature Versus Man: Linear Analysis of Lieder by Schubert and Schumann" part of the research program Study on Chinese and Western Modern Music from Perspective of Semiotics

SHANGHAI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Shanghai, China — 6 May 2015 “Composition and Microtiming” 

HARVARD UNIVERSITY Cambridge, Massachusetts — 20 January 2015 "Microtiming: Borrowing, Measuring, Composing", part of "Sensing the Data" FAS Group Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship 

THE UNIVERSITY OF YORK York, United Kingdom — 4 June 2014 “Recent Developments in Microtiming as a Compositional Material"

HARVARD UNIVERSITY Cambridge, Massachusetts — 26 March 2013 “Writing Across Music” as part of the Seminar Series Rethinking Translation

HOCHSCHULE LUZERN MUSIK Lucerne, Switzerland — 3 May 2012 "On the Art of Composing with Micro-Temporal Data" at the Schweizerische Musikforschende Gesellschaft

THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETICS Tampa, Florida — 26 October 2011 “A Musical Photograph?” with Andrew Kania (in absentia) 

THE CENTRE FOR MUSIC AND SCIENCE at UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE Cambridge, United Kingdom — 23 March 2010 “Some Account of the Process of Microtiming and Musical Photorealism”

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