Application Requirements

Candidates for admission to the Master of Fine Arts in Sonic Practice program typically have:

1. A bachelor's degree in a field relevant to their creative and/or scholarly practice.

2. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the field of sonic arts, including (for example) sound art, composition, music theater, instrumental performance, songwriting, improvisation, and electronic music.

The Graduate Record Examination is no longer required for application to the program.

If admitted, students are generally awarded a full tuition scholarship and an annual stipend, allowing students to be devoted full-time to their studies. The acceptance of financial support entails commitment to a variety of activities and responsibilities in the program, including studio management and development, research, informal teaching, and full participation in the artistic and intellectual life of the program. Occasionally, graduate students may serve as research or teaching assistants in the Departments of Music, Psychology, and Computer Science or the Thayer School of Engineering.

Application Deadline

We are thrilled to announce that Dartmouth's 2-Year M.A. in Digital Musics is transitioning into a 3-year M.F.A. in Sonic Practice. In light of this shift, applications will close for the current 2024-25 season and reopen to prospective M.F.A. students for the academic year 2025-26.

More Information

For more information or assistance with your application, please contact a Sonic Practice faculty member (César Alvarez or Ash Fure).