Performance Laboratories

Performance Laboratories (Music 50) provide weekly coaching and instruction in diverse forms of music making, and are open by audition to all Dartmouth students. 

Performance Lab Course Details

Course work centers on musical readings and informal performance of selected repertoire chosen both for its intrinsic interest and for its relevance to the contents of course syllabi within the Music Department. Performance laboratories may be taken for credit (three terms equals one credit) or on a not-for-credit basis. Subject to space availability, students may enroll in different laboratories during different terms. Terms of enrollment need not be consecutive.  Performance Laboratories are offered fall, winter, and spring.

Section 1

Chamber Music

Depending on enrollment and distribution of instruments, this laboratory may be broken down into several configurations, e.g., quartet, piano quintet, wind octet, string trio, etc. Repertoire focuses on chamber music from the eighteenth century through the first half of the twentieth. Dist: ART; WCult: W.  Directors: Marcia Cassidy and Gregory Hayes

Section 2

Contemporary Music

The contemporary music laboratory will read through and study works appropriate to the participants' skill level, and where possible, collaborate with Dartmouth's compositional community in informal performances of newly-composed works. Dist: ART; WCult: W. Director: Amy Garapic

Section 3

Jazz Improvisation

This course serves as a laboratory for students with some preparation in jazz to develop skills in composition, arranging, and performance. Ensemble configurations will be determined each term on the basis of enrollment. Dist: ART; WCult: W. Director: Michael Zsoldos

Section 4


This course serves as a laboratory for voice students, or students with an interest in vocal music, to develop vocal, language, and acting skills, working on repertoire of different ages. Repertoire will be determined each term on the basis of enrollment. Dist: ART; WCult: W. Directors: Filippo Ciabatti, Erma Mellinger and Peter Webster.