Faculty by Instrument

Individual Instruction Faculty

Flute: Rachel Braude
Oboe: Neil Boyer
Clarinet: Jan Halloran
Bassoon: Janet Polk
Saxophone (classical and jazz): Michael Zsoldos

Horn: Patrick Kennelly
Trumpet: Ed Carroll
Trombone: Angel Subero
Euphonium: Angel Subero
Tuba: Angel Subero

Percussion: Amy Garapic

Piano (classical): Gregory Hayes and Sally Pinkas
Piano (jazz): Jesse Taitt

Voice: Louis Burkot and Erma Mellinger

Guitar (classical): John Muratore
Guitar (jazz and popular styles):  Jason Ennis
Bass guitar: Karl Doty

Violin: Omar Guey
Marcia Cassidy
Cello: John Dunlop
Double bass: Karl Doty