Current Graduate Students

Grace Carney

Grace Carney (they/she) is a white, queer, third generation Irish Catholic Bostonian. They are in the process of figuring things out—in practical, material, and sonic worlds. Grace is an artist interested in performance, sound, queerness, power, intimacy, and all the magical spaces that can be felt within these categories.

Piper Hill

Piper Hill is a composer, vocalist, and electroacoustic musician from central Ohio. Some things he does are novelty music. Some things he does are theatrical. He loves to keep things big and sparkly. He wants to tell stories.

Jack Langdon

Jack Langdon (b. 1994) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, and writer. Jack's work utilizes instrumental performance, theater, new media, and installation in concert, site-specific, and digital contexts. Their work is often contemplative and gentle, sometimes with extended durations, and sometimes with conceptual or narrative content. Jack's work sometimes experiments with alternative modes of organizing musical labor and production. As a performer, Jack has premiered works for organ, piano, and guitar.​ Jack's areas of focus include pieces involving long durations, sonic fragility, improvisation, and electronic media. As a writer, Jack's work focuses on the political economy of music, sociology of performance, community music, and art theory.

Trevor Van de Velde

Trevor Van de Velde (b. 1998) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and creative technologist.  His research is oriented towards electroacoustic composition, mixed-media installation, hacking appliances, as well as exploring the space between body and technology. Trevor's works aim to form an interface between performer, space, and source of sound. Trevor holds a B.A. in Music and Data Science from the University of California Berkeley, where he studied music composition with Ken Ueno, Ed Campion, and Carmine Emmanual Cella.

Hamed Sinno

Hamed Sinno (he/they) is a New York based musician, poet, vocal instructor, and social justice advocate. They have been the writer, visual art director, and front-person for Mashrouʼ Leila since 2008. They write and lecture about the convergence of music and social justice, and teach singing from their studio in New York. They have a BFA from the American University of Beirut.

Bridget Slone

Bridget Slone (she/her) is a researcher, songwriter, and percussionist based out of Chicago, IL. Her research primarily combines the fields of music, audiology, and neuroscience. Slone's songwriting is vulnerable and evolving. Her current percussion compositions investigate ideas of expanded aurality and accessibility. Slone is passionate about collaborating across her wide range of interests.  Slone holds a BA in Music and Communication Sciences & Disorders from The College of Wooster.