Deirdre Brenner ’01

Deirdre Brenner ’01 ~Pianist - Vienna, Austria

Although I am now a professional pianist, I can’t say that I entered Dartmouth with any intention on majoring in music. However, as time passed I found myself increasingly drawn to all that the department had to offer — the classes, the ensembles and the chamber music platforms. Many of my fondest memories of Dartmouth took place in the basement of the Hop, rehearsing piano trios with Carmen Flores and Bob Mirakian, both of whom now have very successful performing careers. The joy of these experiences guided many of the professional decisions I made after graduation. My chamber music studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London helped me discover my love for Lieder — which is now at the center of my career. And for all the teaching, coaching and performing opportunities made possible for me by the department, I am very grateful.