Bradford Proctor '06

My Freshman fall, I was thrown into the Music Department headfirst with an introductory class in Electro-Acoustic music.  From then on, I spent many Friday nights and weekends locked in the music department's BritTrax recording studio, creating my own pieces and playing with new sounds and ideas outside of class.  It was this kind of extra-curricular encouragement, to not only learn the core theoretical elements in the major, but also be inspired and given the tools to experiment on my own that ultimately shaped my Dartmouth music experience.  From student-run A Cappella and musical theater productions to the annual Glee Club opera and performance trip to Rio de Janeiro, the experiences I was afforded outside of the classroom gave me the autonomy and stimulation to venture out into New York City and create my own music.  Music, ultimately for me, has been fulfilling in my post-college life as it was at Dartmouth: as a self-chosen, participatory experience.