Faculty member Ashley Fure's "Filament" at NY Philharmonic

Professor Ashley Fure's "Filament" premiered at the New York Philharmonic's season-opening gala on September 20, and is the subject of a September 18 New York Times feature by Joshua Barone:

"Ms. Fure thinks concerts are a little weird. If the music we hear is just sound waves traveling through the air, she said in an interview, then 'we’re coming together to let air bump up against us. It’s a strange collective act.' This perspective — looking at music as something physical — is at the heart of much of Ms. Fure’s work, which deals in sound environments more than melodic lines. 'Filament' is no exception."

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Anthony Tommasini's reviewed "Filament" for the New York Times on September 21:

"In 'Filament,' a 14-minute work for three soloists, orchestra and moving voices, Ms. Fure sought, as she writes in the score, to 'create a dynamic spatialization of sound whose angles and arrays shift around the audience in real time.' It’s an aural environment — yet, for all its calm, shimmering stretches, the music is kinetic and disruptive, even needling, by turns dreamy and dangerous."

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