New CD from Professor of Music Sally Pinkas

"This journey begun with an invitation by my Dartmouth colleague Dr. William Summers and Dr. Walter Clark of U. C. Riverside to perform in a Symposium they co-chaired and presented at their respective institutions.  Titled Encuentro Filipino 2008, Rediscovering a Hispanic Nation: The Fine and Performing Arts in the Philippine Islands before the Invasion of 1898, the event brought together scholars from the Philippines and the USA. The music I played was assembled by Dr. Elena Rivera Mirano, Dr. Maria Alexandra Ińigo Chua and Prof. Maria Patricia Brillantes Silvestre. In 2015 they generously hosted my husband and me in the Philippines, adding new pieces to the growing collection and introducing us to musical life in their city. 

I would not have ventured into this realm without their guidance, and I am greatly indebted to them all: to Dr. Summers for his steadfast support and enthusiasm; to Dr. Chua and Prof. Silvestre for invaluable liner notes and historical context (this music is hardly known outside the Philippines), and to Dr. Mirano for her expert editorial work and cover art research. Thanks are also due to the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation for use of ‘The Yellow Parasol’.  

Music, friendship and art converge to illuminate a bygone metropolis!"

—Sally Pinkas

Read the complete program notes for TO A CAMIA, Piano Music from Romantic Manila here.