L.A. Times on Associate Professor Ash Fure's "Hive Rise"

Last Friday, the Los Angeles Times enthusiatically previewed weekend productions of Associate Professor of Music Ash Fure's immersive 2020 performance installation Hive Rise, performed by avant-garde L.A. opera company The Industry, of which Fure is co-artistic director. "The immersive sonic experience uses 3D-printed megaphones, an electroacoustic score and the skills of Fure playing on two subwoofer speaker cones oscillating at a subaudible frequency," explains the Times. As Professor Fure describes the experience of Hive Rise: "You are in an evolving atmosphere that is viscerally allowing you to tune into your body and its relationship to vibration and covibration in a really unusual way." The production marks the first live performance staged by The Industry since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic caused the premature shutdown of the critically acclaimed opera Sweet Land in March 2020.

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