New Yorker's Alex Ross lauds Prof. Ash Fure's "Hive Rise"

Associate Professor Ash Fure's performance installation HIVE RISE, presented in late November in Los Angeles by The Industry and MOCA, received high praise from noted critic Alex Ross in the New Yorker yesterday. Ross writes: "Ash Fure and Lilleth Glimcher's performance installation "Hive Rise," which the Industry and MOCA recently presented in Los Angeles [...] was [at] a warehouse-like gallery at the Geffen Contemporary. Fure, a composer and sonic artist whose works often involve the live modification of prerecorded electroacoustic tracks, unleashed an hour-long storm of sound, incorporating extremely low bass frequencies that began below the range of human hearing and slid upward to a barely perceptible 30 Hz. For a few minutes, I stood in front of a tower of speakers, having taken the precaution of inserting earplugs, and had a purely visceral encounter with sound—one that gave me the unsettling and liberating sensation of being no longer material in my own body."

The full article, which will be printed in the New Yorker's December 13 issue, can be read online here.