Prof. Martin's Article Published in Journal of Popular Music Studies

Assistant Professor Allie Martin's article, "Plainly Audible: Listening Intersectionally to the Amplified Noise Act in Washington, DC," was published in the latest (December 2021) issue of the Journal of Popular Music Studies (Volume 3, No. 4). In it, she advocates for a framework of "intersectional listening" in critical perspectives on gentrification:

Gentrification is a process that routinely dismisses and silences Black possibility through a host of interrelated state sanctioned tactics, from legislative maneuvering to the demolition of public housing. Listening intersectionally to gentrification is a commitment to interrogating those facets of spatial and sonic transformation that are typically overlooked and underrepresented, providing a more useful, prescient critique ofthe process itself. [...] [W]e are unable to understand how people build their worlds through music and sound if we are unable to listen to their multitudes, to the ways in which they impose and are imposed on in different forms. More than imposition, though, listening intersectionally is about hearing the ways in which people relate to one another and to themselves (p. 111).

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