Prof. Martin Awarded Jaap Kunst Prize

At the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, held this weekend in New Orleans, Professor Allie Martin's work was recognized with the prestigious Jaap Kunst Prize. The prize honors the year's most significant article published in the field of ethnomusicology by a scholar in the first 10 years of their career. This year, the Society recognized Prof. Martin for her article, "Plainly Audible: Listening Intersectionally to the Amplified Noise Act in Washington, DC," which was published in December in the Journal of Popular Music Studies.

The Jaap Kunst Prize committee writes: "The committee unanimously selected the work for Martin's thoughtful engagement with legal proceedings, protests and community engagement, and sound through the exemplary, though not unique, case of racialized and sonic practices of gentrification in Washington D.C.. By coining the term 'intersectional listening,' Martin reveals the complex dynamics of a community not easily split through racial, gender, ethnic, or class differences. Intersectional listening 'attends to the complexities of sound, power, and race in a changing city.'"