Victoria Aschheim on Inclusivity and the Music of Tyshawn Sorey

Lecturer Victoria Aschheim's latest article, "The Democratic Experience of Timbre in Tyshawn Sorey's Autoschediasms," appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of Tempo: A Quarterly Review of New Music, a journal published by Cambridge University Press. In reviewing composer Tyshawn Sorey' s recent work Autoschediasms and its 2020 virtual performance by the ensemble Alarm Will Sound, Aschheim hears an audible counterpart to Sorey's inclusive, democratic ethos in the colorful interplay between instruments.

"In Autoschediasms, musicians have the freedom to coax timbres into reality, with all the ingenuity and physicality that transit requires. And they have the partnership of Sorey as he walks a step ahead, feeling out new sounds and beckoning new instrumental 'combinations,' as he calls them. In turn, the listeners are free to identify timbres, to gravitate towards certain timbres and to draw those familiar and strange synaesthetic analogies between sound and colour, light or touch."

The full article is available here.