Sound Art and the Techno Club: Prof. Fure Featured in NYT

In Friday's issue of The New York Times, journalist Jeffrey Arlo Brown reveals the ways in which some of today's most prominent composers and classical musicians have found inspiration at Berghain, the famed techno club in Berlin. Among them is Associate Professor Ash Fure, who vividly relates her first visit to the venue. Prof. Fure's experience at Berghain encouraged her to focus on immersive installation-compositions ("weird, wild things," she calls them) like 2017's The Force of Things: An Opera For Objects. Her continued visits to the club inspired another large-scale work in the performance installation Hive Rise, which premiered at Berghain in 2020.

"It was crazy to be able to give back to that whole architecture that had been so transformative for me and for so many people I love," Prof. Fure is quoted. "It was such an incredible feeling to have my sound move through those speakers."

Later, Prof. Fure is quoted: "I really think of sound as a social technology and as a somatic technology and a tool of the herd and a tool of the species. Berghain activates that technology in an extremely potent way that was very formative and very singular in my life."

The full article is available here.