Celebrating Faculty Promotions and Dartmouth Awards

Dean Elizabeth F. Smith recognizes faculty members who were promoted, awarded tenure, appointed to an endowed chair, or recipients of awards or grants from the Dean of Faculty Office and from the centers and institutes within the Arts and Sciences during the 2022-23 academic year.

The following faculty members were promoted, awarded tenure, appointed to an endowed chair, or recipients of awards or grants from the Dean of Faculty Office and from the centers and institutes within the Arts and Sciences during the 2022-23 academic year. 

Additional newly appointed endowed chairs will be announced in the fall. More information about internal awards and fellowships can be found on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences website.

"Combined with the numerous external awards and fellowships that were bestowed on our faculty this past year, these honors reflect the excellence and influence of our world-class scholars," Dean Elizabeth F. Smith wrote in a message to faculty. "Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on their successes!"

Endowed Chairs 

  • Mary Flanagan (Film and Media Studies), reappointed as the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities
  • Michael Herron (Quantitative Social Sciences), reappointed as the William Clinton Story Remsen 1943 Professorship
  • Glenn C. Micalizio (Chemistry), reappointed as the Dartmouth Professor of Chemistry
  • Carl Renshaw (Earth Sciences), reappointed as the Evans Family Distinguished Professorship at Dartmouth College
  • Susan Brison (Philosophy), appointed as the inaugural holder of the Susan and James Wright Professorship of Computation and Just Communities

Promotion to Full Professor

  • Treb Allen (Economics)
  • Alexander Chee (English and Creative Writing)
  • Trica Keaton (African and African American Studies)
  • Annabel Martin (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Chandrasekhar Ramanathan (Physics and Astronomy)

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

  • Jeremy Ferwerda (Government)
  • Bing He (Biological Sciences)
  • Yi-Hsin Liu (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Justin Mankin (Geography)
  • Ainsley Morse (Russian)
  • Carey Davis Nadell (Biological Sciences)
  • Caitlin Hicks Pries (Biological Sciences)
  • Kevin Wright (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Miya Qiong Xie (Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages)
  • Additionally, Pamela Voekel (History) was awarded tenure

Dean of the Faculty Awards 

  • Frank J. Guarini Award for Extraordinary Contribution to Off-Campus Programs — Sienna Craig (Anthropology)
  • Jerome Goldstein Award for Distinguished Teaching — Miles Blencowe (Physics and Astronomy)
  • John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Tenured Faculty — Jeremy Ferwerda (Government) and Miya Qiong Xie (Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages)
  • John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Promoted — Annabel Martín (Spanish and Portuguese) and Chandrasekhar Ramanathan (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Robert A. Fish 1918 Memorial Prize — Deborah King (Sociology) and John Watanabe (Anthropology)
  • Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement — Ainsley Morse (Russian) and Caitlin Hicks Pries (Biology)
  • Dean of the Faculty Teaching Award — Jamila Chahboun (Middle Eastern Studies) and John Lee (Studio Art)
  • Dean of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentoring and Advising — Laura Edmondson (Theater) and Jason Lyall (Government)
  • Dean of the Faculty Award for Exceptional Service — Susan Ackerman (Religion) and Rebecca Biron (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Elizabeth Howland Hand-Otis Norton Pierce Award — Laura McPherson (Linguistics)

Dean of the Faculty Senior Faculty Grants

Arts and Humanities

  • Christopher MacEvitt (Religion)
  • Analola Santana (Theater)


  • Wojciech Jarosz (Computer Science)
    Meredith Kelly (Earth Sciences)

Social Sciences

  • Susanne Freidberg (Geography)
  • Jennifer Miller (History; Wilson Fellowship)

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Laura McPherson (Linguistics)

Dean of the Faculty Scholarly Innovation and Advancement Awards 

  • Lisa Baldez (Government), "Why Do Governments Regulate Women's Clothing"
  • Robert Bonner (History), "Black Lives and Great Truths at Georgia's Liberty Hall State Park: Offering New Stories to Deep South Tourists"
  • William Cheng (Music), "The Revolution Will Be Deafening: Sonic Artillery, Militarized Peacekeeping, and Global Futures of Protest"
  • Brooke Harrington (Sociology), "Building a New Cross Disciplinary Field of Research into Complex Systems of Secrecy"
  • Chenfeng Ke (Chemistry), "Interfacial Polymerized Two-dimensional Polymers for Water Purifications"
  • Dennis Washburn (Comparative Literature), "To Make Gods and Demons Weep: Reading the Japanese Sublime"

Leslie Center for the Humanities

Associate Professor Research Award (AY23)

  • Lynn Patyk (Russian)
  • Jeffrey Ruoff (Film and Media Studies)

Rebecca Clark (English and Creative Writing); Maria Clara De Greiff (Spanish and Portuguese); James Heffernan (English and Creative Writing); Hanna Leliv (Leslie Center); Desiree Garcia (LALACS); Trica Keaton (African and African American Studies); Nancy Canepa (French and Italian); Tatiana Filimonova (Russian); Pamela Voekel (History; LALACS); Martina Broner (Spanish and Portuguese); Tory Jeffay (Film and Media Studies); Taylor Ho Bynum (Music); Katie Hornstein (Art History); Melanie Benson Taylor (English and Creative Writing, NAIS); Israel Reyes & Kianny Antigua (Spanish and Portuguese); Annelise Orleck (History, WGSS); Paul Carranza (Spanish and Portuguese); Laura Chapot (German Studies); Robert St. Clair (French and Italian); Marie Larose (French and Italian); Laura Edmondson (Theater); Yuliya Komska (German Studies, COLT); Kristin O'Rourke (Art History); Mikhail Gronas (Russian)

Faculty Research Grants
Jasmina Savic (Russian); Andrea Zoller (French and Italian); Richard Beaudoin (Music); Thamyris Almeida (LALACS); Tania Convertini (French and Italian); Ivy Schweitzer (English & Creative Writing); Jenny Lynn (Classics); Ayo Coly (African and African American Studies); Andrew Simon (Middle Eastern Studies); Karolina Kawiaka (Studio Art); Harriette Yahr (MALS); Ingrid Brioso Rieumont (Spanish and Portuguese); Marie Larose (French and Italian); Mauricio Acuna (Spanish and Portuguese); Theodore Levin (Music)

Humanities Institute: "Infrastructures of Race, Knowledge, and Aesthetics"
Laura Edmondson (Theater); Misty DeBerry (WGSS); Analola Santana (Theater)

Humanities Lab Grants
Michelle Warren (Comparative Literature); Tatiana Filimonova (Russian); Victoria Somoff (Russian); Jenny Lynn (Classics); Roberto Rey Agudo (Spanish and Portuguese); Harriette Yahr (MALS)
Project Grants
César Alvarez (Music); Eman Morsi (Middle Eastern Studies); Roberto Rey Agudo (Spanish and Portuguese); Viktor Witkowski (Studio Art); Michael Wyatt (French and Italian); Lindsay Whaley (Linguistics, Classics); Klaus Mladek (German Studies) and Jamie Godley (English & Creative Writing); James Rice (Tuck); Solomon Diamond (Thayer); Nathaniel Dominy (Anthropology); Graziella Parati (French & Italian, WGSS); John Bell (Film and Media Studies); Pamela Voekel (History); Danielle Callegari (French and Italian); Bailey Thomas (Philosophy), Susan Brison (Philosophy) and Kianna Middleton (AAAS); Ainsley Morse (Russian)

Venn Vision Grants
"Photographic Futures"
Kimberly Juanita Brown (English and Creative Writing); Martina Broner (Spanish and Portuguese); Tory Jeffay (Film and Media Studies)

"Chinese Cinema History Project"    
Mark Williams (Film and Media Studies); Miya Qiong Xie (Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages); Yi Lu (History, ASCL)

"Intermedial Sounding: Conversations on Race, Media, and the Senses"
Yiren Zheng (ASCL); Allie Martin (Music); Andrew Simon (Middle Eastern Studies)

"Infrastructures of Race, Knowledge, and Aesthetics"
Sujin Eom (ASCL); Erin Collins (Geography); Preeti Singh (ASCL)

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center

Faculty Grant Awards

  • Jesse Casana (Anthropology), "Exploring Indigenous Agricultural Landscapes at Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico"
  • Nathaniel Dominy (Anthropology) and Erin Salcone (Surgery [Ophthalmology] and Pediatrics), "Beyond Island of the Colorblind: Decoding the Functional Advantages of Achromatopsia"
  • Apoorv Gupta (Economics), "Digitizing Bureaucracy and Firm Performance"
  • Steve Mello (Economics), "Estimating Police Discrimination in Selected Samples"
  • Jennifer Miller (History), "Learning to Compete: "Asian" Math and the Transformation of American Educational and Family Life"
  • Brendan Nyhan (Government) and John Carey (Government), "American Political Elites' Commitment to the Norm of Electoral Concessions
  • Diego Ramos-Toro (Economics) and Elsa Voytas (Quantitative Social Sciences), "Understanding and Exchanging Racial Historical Narratives"
  • Christopher Sneddon (Geography), Frank Magilligan (Geography), and Coleen Fox (Geography), "River Restoration and Environmental Justice"
  • Jonathan Zinman (Economics), "Heterogeneity in What? Micro Facts on Behavioral Consumers for (Behavioral) Macroeconomics"

Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences

CompX Faculty Grant Awards (2022–23)

  • Nicola Camerlenghi (Art History), "The Final Phase of the "Dartmouth Basilica Project"
  • Kathryn Cottingham (Biology) and James Mahoney (Computer Science), "Exploring Watershed Moments Using Virtual Reality"
  • Christiane Donahue (Linguistics), "'Medium' Data Work: Studying Student Writing Growth via Portfolios"
  • Brad Duchaine (Psychological and Brain Sciences), "DNN Modeling of Category-Selective Areas in Developmental Prosopagnosia"
  • Lucas Dwiel (Psychological and Brain Sciences), "Stimulating Brain Networks to Direct Psychedelic Induced Plasticity"
  • Chenfeng Ke (Chemistry), "Accelerated Discovery and Fabrication of Robust 3D-Printable Slide-Ring Hydrogels"
  • Brinker Ferguson (Anthropology), "Low Cost Rapid Digital Preservation Documentation Workflows for At-risk Historic Wooden Architecture in Puerto Rico"
  • Julie Hruby (Classics), "Associating Fingerprint Patterns with Age and Sex: A Quantifiable Approach"
  • Hua-Yuan Le Mowry (Asian Societies, Culture, and Languages), "Leveraging Digital Platforms to Compile Multimedia Chinese Language and Culture Materials in the HTML Format"
  • Sarah Slotznick (Earth Sciences) and Geoffroy Hautier (Thayer School of Engineering), "From Earth to Mars: Atomic Level Probing of Hydrohematite's Magnetism"
  • Adam Steel (Psychological and Brain Sciences), "Revealing the Function of the Human Anterior Temporal Lobe with Machine Learning"
  • Soroush Vosoughi (Computer Science) and Xiaofeng Wang (Geisel School of Medicine), "Epigenomic–Transcriptomic Modeling with Multi-Omic Data and DNA Sequences Leveraging Graph Neural Networks"

Wright Center JustX Faculty Grants 

  • Tess McNulty (Film and Media Studies), "Fictional TV Preferences and U.S. Political Polarization, 2012-2023"
  • Luisa Rivera (Anthropology), "A Health Equity Approach to Characterizing the Menstrual Epigenome"