Kui Dong

Academic Appointments

Professor of Music
Chair, Department of Music

Described by newspapers and magazines such as Washington Post, Gramophone International UK, San Francisco Examiner, and Charleston Post and Courier as “21st-century sensibilities”, “exquisitely… ceaselessly compelling”, “exceptional beauty and imagination”, “ a hybrid sonic labyrinth”, Kui Dong's music has been performed and commissioned by numerous ensembles and received honors and prizes from a wide spectrum of prestigious institutions, including Central Ballet Group of China, The National Performing Art Center Spain’s Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, UK’s Arditti Quartet, Austria’s Ars Electronica, Del Sol Quartet, Volti, SFCMP, Melody of China, USA Commissioning Award, The Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation and Library of Congress, the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University, Meet the Composer, ISCM, and ASCAP etc.

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Dong’s compositions span diverse genres and styles and include ballet, orchestral and chamber works, chorus, electro-acoustic music, film scores, and multi-media art and free improvisation. Her works written in US increasingly show a unique synthesis of influences from Avant-garde experimental, jazz, electro-acoustic and other ethnic music, and at the same time maintain a profound respect to Western classical music and a deep cultural connection with her root. She sometimes incorporates theatre, as well as Chinese and non-western instruments and musical concepts into contemporary settings.

Her music, including three full length CDs can be found on New World Records “Pangu's Song” (2004) and Other Minds Records “Hands Like Waves Unfold” (2008) and “Since When Has The Bright Moon Existed” (2011). Releases in 2013 include “Follow Me? (2009)” for electronic and clarinet on and “Shall We Play? (2012)” for string quartet, piano 4 hands and toy pianos on Grammy Award nominated Sono Luminus Records, as well as “Trio” on Henceforth Records. A collection of her chamber works was published by Central Conservatory of Music Press in May, 2015.

Dong’s current project includes a 65-miunte Chamber opera “Hu Tong (Narrow Alley) commissioned by Real Time opera funded by Argosy Foundation. She is a professor of Music Composition at Dartmouth College.

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Personal Website
603 646 2051
HB 6187
B.A. Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China
M.A. Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China
D.M.A. Stanford University

Selected Publications

"Triliogy for Double Chorus, Music by Kui Dong" Central Conservatory of Music Press, November 2018

"Mirror" for two pianos (originally titled Minature 5-7) Central Conservatory of Music Press, August, 2018

"Selected Chamber Music by Kui Dong" Central Conservatory of Music Press, May 2015

"Memory/Place" for violin and cello, digital release by Kate Sternberg on https://katestenberg.bandcamp.com/track/memory-place-by-kui-dong

"Differences within Oneness" for string Quartet, digital release on Other Minds Records

 “Shall We Play? (2013)” for string quartet, piano 4 hands and toy pianos on Grammy Award nominated Sono Luminus Records

"Trio" (2012) for two piano and guitar by Kui Dong, Larry Polansky and Christian Wolf on Henceforth

 Full-length CD “Since When Has The Bright Moon Existed” (2011) Other Mind Record Full-length CD "Hands Like Waves Unfold” (2008) for prepared piano on Other Mind Record  Full-length CD"Pangu's Song" (2004) New World Record