William John Summers

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Music, Emeritus

William John Summers joined the faculty of music in 1984. His extensive publication record as a historical musicologist consists of three completed books and more than seventy articles and book reviews that have appeared in fifteen refereed music periodicals. In 2009, his book, Juan Sancho, Pioneering Composer of California, received the prestigious Norman Neurerburg Award from the Historical Society of Southern California for excellence in writing on the early history of California. In both English and Spanish, he has delivered research seminars and short courses and presented research papers on five continents. Dr. Summers has advised a record ten Dartmouth Senior Fellows in music, and his advisees have received Fulbright, DAAD and Reynolds Scholarships for graduate study in Germany, England, France, the Philippines, and the U.S. A number of these former students are today pursuing professional careers in music as conductors, instrumentalists and singers.

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Personal Website
HB 6187
B.A. San Luis Rey College
M.A. California State University
Ph.D. University of California at Santa Barbara

Selected publications

“REDISCOVERING THE HIDDEN MUSES OF BOHOL: FILIPINO MUSIC MAESTRI FROM CORELLA CHURCH, BOHOL,” in Budhi, vol. XVI, no. 3 (2011), pp. 1-108, 41 plates, 2 music examples, one map and 7 database documents [released July 2012].

“A Library That Has Been Playing Beautiful Music Through The Centuries,” Chapter 3: Spheres of Change, LUMINA PANDIT: A COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL TREASURES, Manila, 2010, Ángel Aparicio, O. P., editor, University of Santo Tomas Press, Miguel de Benavides Library, pp. 142-143, 201-211.

“Foreword,” provided in, Maria Alexandra Chua, Kirial de Baclayon año 1826: Hispanic Sacred Music in 19th-century Bohol, Quezon City (The Philippines), 2010, Ateneo de Manila University Press, p. xiii.

“How Much Remains to Be Learned about California Mission Music?: Two Case Studies,” in DIAGONAL, Journal of the Center of Iberian and Latin American Music , http://cilam.ucr.edu/diagonal/issues/2009/

“Introduction,” in Marcelo Adonay, His Life and Works , E Mirano, et al, (eds.) (2009) i-iv.

“Música en Filipinas”, in Diccionario histórico, geográfico y cultural de Filipinas y el Pacífico , coordinación y dirección, L C Fernández, M L Talaván, F P Aguado, Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional: Fundación Carolina, (2008) 669-675.

J B Sancho: Compositor Pioner de California/Compositor Pionero De California/Pioneer Composer of California , with Piza, A, C H Russell, A Gili (eds.), 2007.

“To Trope or Not to Trope? Or, How Was that English Gloria Performed?” in Music in Medieval Europe: Studies in Honour of Bryan Gillingham , T Bailey and A Santosuosso (eds.), (2006) 95-112.

“Comments on Converting California ,” Boletin: The Journal of the California Mission Studies Association , 21:2 (2004) 65-68.

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Works in progress

English Thirteenth-Century Polyphony, A Facsimile Edition of the Extant Sources