Room Reservations


The following classrooms and rehearsal spaces in the Department of Music can be reserved by Dartmouth students for rehearsals, performances, meetings, and other music-related events, free of charge:

  • Studio One (Room 50A) capacity 35

  • Lower Buck (Room 51) capacity 25

  • Hartman Rehearsal Hall (Room 52) capacity 90

  • Faulkner Recital Hall* (Room 54) capacity 87

  • Upper Buck (Room M1) capacity 20

*Student use of Faulkner Recital Hall is generally limited to IIP student recitals, Performance Laboratory concerts, Honors presentations, and rehearsals for such events.


To reserve a space in the Department of Music, use Virtual EMS:

  1. Select "Create a Reservation," then on the line labeled "Hopkins Music Request," select "Book Now."
  2. If this will be a recurring reservation, under "Date & Time," click "Recurrence" and enter the days and times you will need a room.
  3. Under "Locations," click "Add/Remove" and select "Hopkins Center." Click "Search," and all the rooms available will appear.
  4. Click on the green + button next to the room number to reserve it.

Other Hopkins Center Spaces

Four additional rooms in the Hopkins Center for the Arts can be reserved by student musicians for rehearsals and other musical events:

  • Hop Garage 130 capacity 49
  • Hop Garage 131 capacity 49
  • Hop Garage 132 capacity 49
  • Hopkins Center Room 67 capacity 25

For reservation requests or questions about these spaces, please email