Year-End Acclaim for Prof. Doty in Boston Globe

Dartmouth Music Department faculty member Karl Doty, instructor of double bass and bass guitar, was lauded as a composer as well as a bassist in The Boston Globe's year-end arts review for 2021. To A.Z. Madonna, the Globe's music critic, a September 2021 live performance by famed string orchestra A Far Cry (of which Doty is a founding member) stood out from the crowd, especially after a year and a half of virtual performances. In particular, it was Doty's own composition Castles that wowed the critic: "About two- thirds of the way through the short piece, the musicians start singing along behind their masks as they play, vocalizing in wordless arcs that evoke the feeling of seeing a sunbeam. It takes me a few seconds to realize that I am tearing up, and another few to fully realize why: I haven't heard a group singing together, in person, in 18 months.  The human voice, arguably the first ensemble instrument, is no longer on mute."

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