Foreign Study

The Music Foreign Study Program (FSP) rotates between London, United Kingdom and Vienna, Austria, and provides a unique opportunity for students to combine the study of music with an intensive exposure to musical performance. Each program is offered once every three years.

Foreign Study Program

Students reap the benefits of being located in a major city, such as London or Vienna (2021). Attending concerts and rehearsals, meeting performers and artists, and viewing the fine musical tradition of England or the European continent at first hand will offer unique learning opportunities outside the classroom. Enrollment is limited to 16 students. Selection will be based on a student's demonstrated interest in music by virtue of his or her past study and demonstrated ability to perform.


Music 20 (Introduction to Music Theory), a Music History course (such as 42 or 43), and either one contract of individual instruction (Music 53-58), or two terms of a Performance Laboratory (Music 50). Also recommended are Music 21 or 22.

Students who anticipate not being able to complete the prerequisites prior to the FSP term should speak with the FSP director for that year:

2021 Vienna FSP Faculty Director: Professor William Cheng