Foreign Study

The Department of Music offers Foreign Study Programs in London, United Kingdom, and in Vienna, Austria. Each Foreign Study Program (FSP) provides a unique opportunity for students to combine the study of music with an intensive exposure to musical performance. Each program is offered once every three years.


Students reap the benefits of being located in a major urban center and a capital city of European music: London or Vienna. Attending concerts, meeting performers and artists, and experiencing first-hand the rich musical life of Britain or Central Europe, students will enjoy constant opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Enrollment is limited to 16 students. Selection will be based on a student's interest in music demonstrated by past study and ability to perform.

Terms Offered

London | Spring 2024 (Faculty Director: Prof. Kui Dong; application deadline passed)

Vienna | Spring 2026 (Faculty Director: TBD)

London | Spring 2028 (Faculty Director: TBD)