2018 New Student Information

Wednesday, September 5

2018 MUSIC 20 Placement Exams

MUSIC 20 Exemption (Part 1: Aural Skills)
*Wednesday, September 5 ONLY*
1:00 PM-2:00 PM, Lower Buck, Hopkins Center

MUSIC 20 Exemption (Part 2: Written Analysis - take home)
Due Friday, September 7
12:00 PM, Music Department, Hopkins Center

  • Music 20 is the ‪prerequisite for Music 21, 22, and 23- courses that can be used to fulfill the theory requirement for all students majoring or minoring in music.
  • Any student scoring a combined score of 5 on the Music AP exam is exempt from Music 20 and is not required to take the exam.
  • This examination consists of two parts: 1) aural skills, and 2) written analysis. Testing of aural skills will take place on Wednesday, 9/5 at 1 pm in Lower Buck (Hopkins Center).
  • The written analysis will be distributed at this time, & each student will be required to complete this portion & return the exam to the Music Department main office by 12 pm (Noon) on Friday, 9/7.

Friday, September 7

Department of Music Open House

Friday, September 7
12:00-1:30 PM
Outside the Courtyard Café, Hopkins Center

Thursday, September 13

Classical Piano Auditions

Auditions for Classical Piano (MUS 53) with our two piano instructors, Gregory Hayes and Sally Pinkas, will take place on Thursday, September 13 in the piano studio (room 44) from 12:00-3:00 PM. You must sign up for your audition using our online form.

Friday, September 14

Voice Auditions

Auditions for Voice (MUS 57) with our two voice instructors, Louis Burkot and Erma Mellinger, will take place on Friday, September 14 in Hartman from 11:00-4:00 PM.  You must sign up for your audition using our online form

Hopkin Center Ensembles Auditions

Hopkin Center Ensembles audition sign-up sheets are posted on the Ensembles Bulletin Board located in the hallway near Lower Buck, Hopkins Center.  Any questions regarding ensemble auditions should be directed to Stephen Langley, Ensembles Assistant.

Individual Instruction Program (IIP) Auditions

For audition details for all instruments other than classical piano and voice, you must contact the appropriate Individual Instruction faculty member to schedule a time.