Selected Publications

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William John Summers

“REDISCOVERING THE HIDDEN MUSES OF BOHOL: FILIPINO MUSIC MAESTRI FROM CORELLA CHURCH, BOHOL,” in Budhi, vol. XVI, no. 3 (2011), pp. 1-108, 41 plates, 2 music examples, one map and 7 database documents [released July 2012].

“A Library That Has Been Playing Beautiful Music Through The Centuries,” Chapter 3: Spheres of Change, LUMINA PANDIT: A COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL TREASURES, Manila, 2010, Ángel Aparicio, O. P., editor, University of Santo Tomas Press, Miguel de Benavides Library, pp. 142-143, 201-211.

“Foreword,” provided in, Maria Alexandra Chua, Kirial de Baclayon año 1826: Hispanic Sacred Music in 19th-century Bohol, Quezon City (The Philippines), 2010, Ateneo de Manila University Press, p. xiii.

“How Much Remains to Be Learned about California Mission Music?: Two Case Studies,” in DIAGONAL, Journal of the Center of Iberian and Latin American Music ,

“Introduction,” in Marcelo Adonay, His Life and Works , E Mirano, et al, (eds.) (2009) i-iv.

“Música en Filipinas”, in Diccionario histórico, geográfico y cultural de Filipinas y el Pacífico , coordinación y dirección, L C Fernández, M L Talaván, F P Aguado, Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional: Fundación Carolina, (2008) 669-675.

J B Sancho: Compositor Pioner de California/Compositor Pionero De California/Pioneer Composer of California , with Piza, A, C H Russell, A Gili (eds.), 2007.

“To Trope or Not to Trope? Or, How Was that English Gloria Performed?” in Music in Medieval Europe: Studies in Honour of Bryan Gillingham , T Bailey and A Santosuosso (eds.), (2006) 95-112.

“Comments on Converting California ,” Boletin: The Journal of the California Mission Studies Association , 21:2 (2004) 65-68.

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