Professor William Cheng's Feature in Pacific Standard


The Radical Compassion of Frederick Douglass
The abolitionist's 200th birthday is a good occasion to unravel the peculiar mystery behind his most (mis)quoted words.

William Cheng
Feb 14, 2018

At a press event for Black History Month a year ago, newly inaugurated President Donald Trump went off-script. "I am very proud now that we have a museum on the National Mall where people can learn about Reverend King," he recited from his paper, before switching to improv: "Frederick Doug ... Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice ... big impact."

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The 2018 Tracy Piano Competition

The Dartmouth College Department of Music and the Tracy Piano Series present the 2018 Tracy Piano Competition with guest judge Professor Doris Stevenson.  The piano competition will take place Friday, May 11 at 7:00 pm in Faulkner Recital Hall.  On Saturday, May 12 Professor Stevenson will be offering a master class from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in Faulkner Recital Hall. 

Both events are free and open to the public.

Dartmouth students interested in participating in the competion must complete an application (pdf) and submit it to the Department of Music by April 11.

Professor Ashley Fure's show reviewed in The New Yorker

From Dartmouth News:

In the News: Infrasound Opera: on Ashley Fure’s ‘The Force of Things’
“The staggering originality of Fure’s latest work ... makes one think that mostly female seasons might have to become the norm,” writes The New Yorker about Assistant Professor of Music Ashley Fure’s new experimental music-theater piece.

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Resonant Spaces: Sound Art at Dartmouth

From the Hood Museum of Art:

In the first-ever installation of sound art on Dartmouth's campus, produced in collaboration with guest-curator faculty member Spencer Topel, the Hood Museum of Art will showcase the work of emerging and established international artists with diverse aesthetic and cultural backgrounds. Seven site-specific and sound-based commissions will guide visitors across the Dartmouth campus and into the town of Hanover. Hood Downtown will feature a multimedia display introducing the exhibition and artists, as well as selected works from conceptual artist Terry Adkins (1953-2014). Artists creating new installations for the show include Bill Fontana, Christine Sun Kim, Jacob Kirkegaard, Alvin Lucier, Laura Maes, Julianne Swartz, and Jess Rowland.

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Additional Press Mentions:

Article by Michael Casey and Dan Rockmore featured in Slate

Quoted: Michael Casey and Dan Rockmore in Slate

“The genie was let out of the bottle long ago, and arguably, the stability of society depends on our finding ways to work creatively with machines while simultaneously remaining vigilant as well as open to their potential.”  Read the complete article in Slate.

Professor Spencer Topel's Upcoming Exhibit at The Arts Club of Chicago

Professor Topel and collaborator Seth Parker Woods set to present Iced Bodies: Ice Music for Chicago at The Arts Club of Chicago on August 12.  For complete details of this upcoming exhibit, visit The Arts Club of Chicago website.